Ukiyoプロジェクトでは次にあるように東京でワークショップを行いました。私はワークショップのコーディネートを行いました。12月3日から13日までその作業を行っていました。このワークショップはJohannes Birringer先生の初来日にあたります。

(C) Ukiyo Lab

Ukiyo Lab

December 3-13, 2009
Networked Virtual Performance Envirorments: Japan

UKIYO LAB in residence with Mixed Reality Lab, Keio University (dir. by. Prof. Adrian Cheok)

In the second phase of the UKIYO project collaboration, the DAP-Lab team (Brunel University) will reside in Tokyo and be guests in residence at Mixed Reality Lab, Hiyoshi Campus, Keio University, directed by Professor Adrian Cheok. There the researchers from Japan and Europe will spend several days investigating new approaches to 3d virtual reality and virtual movement design, and exchanging knowledge and methodologies. In the second half of the UKIYO research encounter, Johannes Birringer and his DAP team will meet some of the leading Japanese choreographers and digital artists interested in hybrid performance choreography, and they will work together from 9th to 12th December 2009. An international symposium is hosted by Keio University during this time frame, with an evening program of presentations and films.


(C)Helenna Ren

(C)Helenna Ren

(C)Helenna Ren